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January 14, 2019


Belton Preparatory Academy Board of Trustees




Deirdre McCullough


6:00 p.m.


BPA Conference Room


Angie King


Donelle Millwood, Angie King, Jordan Denmark, and Magon Wilson

Public Attendees

Hollie Clark and Brooke Elgin

Key Points Discussed





Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:07 p.m.



Invocation led by Donelle Millwood


Pledge of Allegiance

All members and attendees stood for the Pledge of Allegiance


Freedom of Information Act Compliance

The meeting is in full compliance with the Freedom of Information Act



Agenda approved by Magon Wilson; Donelle Millwood 2nd

November minutes approved by Donelle Millwood; Magon Wilson 2nd


Public Comments

Hollie Clark, parent of BPA student, requested the floor. She discussed concerns with the parent-led volunteer group. Hollie request the parent-led volunteer group be placed on hold for the remainder of the year. She states she speaks on behalf of several parents who share the same concerns.

Hollie’s remarks were respectfully addressed by Deirdre McCullough.


Election of Board Officers

The office of Chair, Vice chair, Secretary, and Treasurer will need to be elected. At this time the roles and responsibilities have not been written. The discussion of electing board officers will continue at the February Board of Trustees meeting.


Appointment of New Board Member

Donelle Millwood moves to appoint Chris Cauley as the fifth Board of Trustees Member. Magon Wilson 2nd and. Motion carries unanimously.


November Financials

Members of the board were briefed on the budget for the 2018-2019 academic year by Deirdre McCullough.


P&I Year I Budget Amendment

Deirdre McCullough briefed the board on the P&I budget.


Recruitment Report

Recruitment has begun for the 2019-202 academic school year. Geofencing was discussed to identify prospective students. Student enrollment announcements have circulated on Facebook. Community meetings in Honea Path, Williamston, and Belton will be scheduled over the next several weeks to meet with prospective students and their family.

The board discussed the purchase of shirts and advertisement via a digital billboard. The digital billboard on Clemson Blvd. and at Simpson Rd. and Greenville St. were discussed as high traffic spots.

Currently, there are 26 new applications for the 2019-2020 academic year. 16-K5; 3-1st; 3-2nd; 4-3rd.

The school plans to place a modular building behind the church to accommodate the growing number of students. The modular building will consist of two classrooms and a bathroom.


Lice Policy  

The board reviewed the CDC’s recommendations for managing lice among students and Anderson School District’s lice policy. The board also discussed a “No Nit” policy meaning the student would not be allowed back in the classroom until the student was free of nits. The student would be marked as absent for those days until the child was nit free. No motion was made during the meeting, the board will vote on a Lice Policy during the February Board of Trustees meeting.


Nut-Free Policy

A nut-free policy was discussed by the members of the board. No information has been received from BPA’s legal representative on how to move forward with the policy. Deirdre McCullough asked the board members to review other school’s nut policy and discuss the findings during the February Board of Trustees meeting.


Financial Policies

Review other policies.

Procurement policy for BPA discusses in brief. There is no current procurement policy in place for BPA. Deirdre McCullough requested the board think about how much BPA is allowed to spend before the purchase is brought to the board members for approval. Will continue to discuss at the February Board of Trustees meeting.


Miscellaneous from the Board

Locations for recruitment were discussed. The best time was agreed to be between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. on a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday evening.

Honea Path- Watkins Community Center

Belton- Belton Library, Belton Recreation Center, BPA Activities Room

Anderson- Anderson County Library

Williamston- Williamston Town Hall


Next Meeting



Motion to adjourn at 7:19 p.m. by Donelle Millwood; Magon Wilson 2nd