Dress Code

BPA Dress Code Standards



 Each student is responsible for purchasing and maintaining the uniform of BPA, which shall consist of (as applicable to boys or girls),


  • Pants, Shorts, Skirt: khaki or navy 
  • Polo Shirt:    navy, white, or hunter/kelly green (with logo)
  • Dress:  khaki, navy, or hunter green
  • Tights:  black, white, tan, navy (no fishnet or mesh material)
  • Hair Bows:  navy, white, or hunter green
  • Socks:  white, navy, black, gray, hunter green (no patterned socks with shorts, dresses, skorts, or skirts)
  • Shoes:  tennis shoes, street shoes, boots, sandals (no flip flops, bedroom shoes, or shoes with lights or wheels)
  • PE Shorts:  black, hunter green, navy, gray
  • PE Athletic Pants:  black, hunter green, navy, gray
  • PE T-shirt:  BPA gym shirt ($7.00)
  • PE Shoes:  tennis shoes, no lights or wheels


  • Abdomen, chest, and back must be covered at all times.
  • Shirts, though recommended to be tucked in, can be untucked as long as the shirt does not extend below the lower hip and does not result in a disheveled appearance.


  • Back pockets must be at hip level.
  • Pants should not drag floor.
  • Holes are not permissible.

          Skirts, skorts, dresses, and shorts:

  • Hemline should be no higher than 3 inches above the knee.
  • Spandex leggings are not to be worn with shorts, skorts, skirts, or dresses.


Coats and hats:

  • No hats, headgear of any type, hoods, or sunglasses are to be worn inside the building.
  • Coats are not to be worn in class. 


  • Hair is to be neat and well groomed.
  • Hair color must be natural to human beings. (No unnatural colors such as pink, blue, purple, orange, etc.)


Piercing, Body Art, and Jewelry:          
  • For girls, body piercing must be limited to the earlobes with no more than 2 sets of earrings.
  • Boys may NOT wear earrings.
  • Any other piercings must not be visible.
  • Spiked collars, spiked wristbands, and spiked belts are prohibited.
  • Body art, to include but not limited to temporary tattoos, marker paintings, etc., is not permissible.



  • Students will not wear clothing that is grunge, ripped, torn, bleach spotted, or see-through.
  • Undergarments should not be visible.
  • Students will not wear clothing that is excessively large or baggy or unduly tight/form fitting.

    Students are to wear mask during arrival, pick-up and during transition periods in hallways.

If the student's dress constitutes a threat to health or safety or otherwise creates a disruption in the school environment, the Administration or his/her designee may require the student and the student's parents/guardians to take appropriate action to remedy the situation.