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Request for Proposal

“Created for Greatness”                                             “  Positioned for Success”


                                        Belton Preparatory Academy      

                                                    5901 Belton Highway   

                                                                 Belton, SC 29627

                                ​                                      864-392-1173








Belton Preparatory Academy

5901 Belton Highway

Belton, SC  29627


To Whom It May Concern:


Belton Preparatory Academy (BPA) holds a 501(c)(3) status as a public charter school.  We invite your company to submit a proposal for the preparation of BPA’s audited financial statements and related filings for the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  The audit of BPA’s financial statements must be performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards according to state and federal guidelines.


The mission of Belton Preparatory Academy is to prepare its students to compete at the highest levels of academics, with integrity, using a proven curriculum, Core Knowledge, and through the core programmatic feature of entrepreneurism used in tandem with an organized wellness program.   BPA will serve grades K5-8, adding a grade level every year.


BPA serves students each year with funding from grants, contracts, and fees. We receive government funding from state and federal agencies. 


BPA requires the following services:

            1.         Annual financial statement audit.

            2.         Federal Single Audit (if applicable)

             3.         Preparation of IRS form 990

            4.         Preparation of the Annual Report for the Board of Directors               

            5.         Engagement letter



All of the above must be completed within no later than October 15 of each fiscal year in order for our Board to review each document prior to its submission to the appropriate recipients.  In addition, BPA requires that its Board of Directors’ approve the proposal.



All proposals must include:

            a)         Evidence of the firm’s qualifications to provide the above services;

            b)         Background and experience in auditing nonprofit clients;

            c)         The size and organizational structure of the auditor’s firm;

            d)         Statement of the firm’s understanding of work to be performed,  including  tax and non-audit services;

            f)          A proposed timeline for fieldwork and final reporting;

             g)         Proposed fee structure for each of the three years of the proposal period, including whatever guarantees can be given regarding increases in future years, and the maximum fee that would be charged; 

             h)        Description of your billing rates and procedures for technical questions that may come up during the year, or whether these occasional services are covered in the proposed fee structure;

             i)          Names of the partner, audit manager, and field staff who will be assigned to our audit. Please provide biographies.

             j)          A copy of your firm’s most recent peer review report, the related letter of comments, and the firm’s response to the letter of comments; and

           k)         References and contact information from at least three (3) comparable nonprofit audit clients.


Your proposal must be received by May 17, 2019.   Please submit your proposal to  dmccullough@beltonprep.us with the Subject line marked BPA Audit Proposal.  The committee will review all proposals and make a recommendation regarding the choice of auditors to the full board of directors during the May 21 board meeting.


If you have any questions or would like further clarification of any aspect of this request for bid, please contact me at 864-314-0035.  I look forward to receiving your proposal.





Deirdre McCullough


Belton Preparatory Academy