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Title 1 Plan

Belton Preparatory Academy Title I Plan


- Funds will be spent to purchase instructional supplies and materials to provide additional resources to support classroom and small group instruction. Materials to be purchased include:

1) Math Manipulative kits for 1st and 4th grades to support math standards
2) Leveled CKLA books for the classroom in grades K-2 to support guided reading
3) Complete FOSS Kit for 4th grade science to support 4th grade science standards
4) Additional instructional supplies including paper, chart paper, and composition notebooks, etc.  5) Easy Grammar Workbooks for 1st-4th grades to support explicit and direct grammar instruction

- Funds will be spent to purchase software/site licenses for Zearn (K-4), USA Test Prep (3rd-4th), and Pear Deck (K-4).

- Funds will be used to purchase The Parent Institute Early Childhood and Elementary Newsletter, a four-page, evidence-based newsletter that provide practical, proven information for parents, on a comprehensive array of school success topics.

-Funds will be spent for 3 teachers/paraprofessionals to provide small group afterschool tutoring for 2nd-4th grade students second semester.