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February 8, 2021

Meeting Minutes
Subject Belton Preparatory Academy Board of

Trustees Date 2/8/2021
Facilitator Angie King Time 6:00 p.m.
Location Conference Room Scribe Magon Wilson
Attendees Angie King, Magon Wilson, Donelle Millwood, Deidre McCullough, Chase Cleveland
Public Attendees Holly Clark

Key Points Discussed

No. Topic Highlights
1. Call to Order Meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm by Angie King.
2. Invocation Invocation was led by Chase Cleveland
3. Pledge of Allegiance All members and guest stood to recite the pledge.
4. Freedom of Information Act

The meeting is in full compliance with the Freedom of
Information Act
5. Public Comment No public comment.
6. Approval of Agenda Deirdre McCullough requested to amend the agenda to
include: Executive Session. Motion was made by Magon
Wilson; Angie King 2 nd . Motion carries.

7. Appointment of New Board Members One additional member needs to be appointed. The board will

continue to discuss prospects.

8. Approval of January Minutes Motion to approve the agenda made by Donelle Millwood;

Magon Wilson 2 nd . Motion carries.
9. Financials- December December financials reviewed
10. Board Reports and Updates 1. Open Enrollment:

a. Open enrollment is closed.
b. Currents Numbers:
i. Discussed for each grade
c. Lottery needed for several grades;
i. Lottery scheduled for Tuesday, February
23, 2021 at 6pm

2. Mid- Year Survey:
a. Results will be provided to the board at the
February Board Meeting.
3. FY21 Budget due April
a. Budget will need to be approved by April for the
21-22 school year.

11. Building Updates BPA is currently looking at properties in the area and

exploring avenues.
BPA is currently working with Second Baptist Church in order
to have the needed space for the 2021- 2022 school year.

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12. EMO Updates None at this time.
13. Re-Opening Plan Update BPA’s re-opening plan is fluid; updates will be made based on

new guidance received.

14. Executive Session Motion to move into executive session was made by Angie

King; Donelle Millwood 2 nd . Motion carries.
New Hire- 5 th Grade teacher: Kinsley McMinn

Motion to move out of executive session was made by Angie
King; Magon Wilson 2 nd . Motion carries.
Motion was made by Magon Wilson to approve the hiring of
Kinsley McMinn. Donelle Millwood 2 nd . Motion carries.

15. Miscellaneous from the Board None

Motion to adjourn at 7:15 pm by Donelle Millwood; Chase
Cleveland 2 nd . Motion carries. Meeting adjourned.

Action Plan

No. Action Item(s) Owner Target Date

Board Member Signatures

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