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July 15, 2019

July 2019 Minutes


Belton Preparatory Academy Board of Trustees




Chris Cauley


6:00 p.m.


BPA Conference Room


Angie King


Deirdre McCullough, Chris Cauley, Donelle Millwood, and Angie King; James Galyean on phone.

Public Attendees

Hollie Clark; Wyman Bowers




Key Points Discussed





Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:02 p.m.



Invocation led by Angie King


Pledge of Allegiance

All members and attendees stood for the Pledge of Allegiance


Freedom of Information Act Compliance

The meeting is in full compliance with the Freedom of Information Act



The agenda was amended to remove the Tobacco Policy approved by Chris Cauley; Angie King 2nd. Motion carries.

June Minutes approved by Donelle Millwood; Angie King 2nd. Motion to approve minutes carried.


June Financials

No reports at this time.


P&I Year II Budget Update

No new reports at this time.


Appointment of New Board Member

Discussion continues for potential prospect to be appointed as the seventh Board Member.


Nut Free Policy

Study published by the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology discussed. Wyman discussed pro’s and con’s to having a ‘nut conscious’ and ‘nut free’ policy. Motion for drafting ‘nut conscious’ school with no nuts in the classroom and no nuts at school functions by Donelle Millwood; 2nd by James Galyean. Motion to approve carries with one opposed.


Nit Free Policy

Motion to approve by Donelle Millwood; Angie King 2nd. Motion to approve carries.


Board Reports and Updates

Enrollment: 99 enrollment packets have been mailed back to BPA.

K5- 38

1st- 22

2nd- 16

3rd- 23

Approximately seven packets are awaiting return. Deadline for packets was Friday, July 12th.

First grade is the only class with a waiting list. There are a few students currently waiting

Maximum capacity: K5 40; 1st 25; 2nd 25; 3rd 25



Vacancies: All vacancies filled. Positions to be voted during Executive Session.  

Security Infrastructure Grant: Work will begin this second week of July.  

Modular Units: Anticipating new buildings first week of August.

Construction and Repairs: Playground construction expected to begin first week of August.

Afterschool Care: Partnered with Belton Pentecostal and Cedar Grove. These partners are picking up children at BPA and transporting to the location.

Important Dates: Professional Development underway this third week of July and going well. Board Members encouraged to attend

Teachers will begin on August 12. School wide picnic on August 19. First day for students is on August 19.

BPA Mascot: Unveiling of the mascot will take place during the professional development day on August 15th


Public Comments

No comments scheduled.


Executive Session

Motion to move into Executive Session made by Donelle Millwood; Chris Cauley 2nd. Motion carries.

Personnel New Hires:

Ans-Lee Fortner position for teaching assistant;

Josie M. Martin (P&I grant contract employee) position as a teaching assistant;

Kim Bruce position for teaching assistant;

Patricia Barrett (P&I grant contract employee) position for Related Arts three days per week, ADEPT Coordinator, & Testing Coordinator;

Rebecca Bartone position for Related Arts two days per week;

Misty Black position (P&I contract employee) for Administrative Assistant;

Personnel salary:

Motion to move Deirdre McCullough’s salary to Belton Preparatory Academy and to increase the salary to $86,000 by James Galyean; 2nd by Donelle Millwood. Motion to approve carries.

Motion to move out of Executive Session by Chris Cauley; 2nd by Angie King. Motion carries. 

Motion to approve positions by James Millwood; 2nd by Donelle Millwood. Motion to approve carries.


Miscellaneous from the Board

Comment made by Angie King regarding colors of uniform moving into the 2020-2021 academic year. Board will evaluate options for venders over the upcoming meetings.


Next Meeting

August 12, 2019.



Motion by Donelle Millwood to adjourn at 7:20 p.m.; 2nd by Angie King. Meeting adjourned.