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June 24, 2019

June 2019 Minutes


Belton Preparatory Academy Board of Trustees




Chris Cauley


6:00 p.m.


BPA Conference Room


Angie King


Deirdre McCullough, Chris Cauley, Donelle Millwood, Angie King, Jordan Denmark, James Galyean, Magon Wilson, and Wyman Bowers.

Public Attendees





Key Points Discussed





Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 6:24 p.m.



Invocation led by James Galyean


Pledge of Allegiance

All members and attendees stood for the Pledge of Allegiance


Freedom of Information Act Compliance

The meeting is in full compliance with the Freedom of Information Act



The agenda was approved by James Galyean; Angie King 2nd. Motion carries.

April and May Minutes approved by Donelle Millwood; James Galyean 2nd. Motion to approve minutes carried.


Public Comments

No public comment


April Financials & May Financials

Members of the Board were briefed on the budget by Deirdre McCullough. April was not completed for May’s Board Meeting.


P&I Year II Budget Update

Board members were updated by Deirdre McCullough P&I Year II budget that was approved last week. Position for BPA Secretary is included in the P&I Year II budget. After April 2020 the position will be included in the general budget.


Appointment of New Board Member

Discussion continues for potential prospect to be appointed as the seventh Board Member.


Tobacco Policy

Campus is to be tobacco free including all off-campus events. Motion to approve Tobacco Free Policy made by James Galyean; Donelle Millwood 2nd. Policy adopted to BPA.


Nut Free Policy

Discussion regarding ‘Nut Free’ vs ‘Nut Conscious’. Concerns related to each policy discussed. Various policies exist in school systems. The Board Members agreed to seek legal consultation to explore the most appropriate options prior to adopting a nut policy. 


Board Reports and Updates

Enrollment: 93 enrollment packets have been mailed back to BPA. Twelve packets are awaiting return. Next deadline July for packet return.

First grade is the only class with a waiting list. There are 3 students currently waiting

Maximum capacity: K5 40; 1st 25; 2nd 25; 3rd 25

K5 will remain in the main building. First, second, and third grade will move to the portable.

The Board moved to begin recruitment for all grades for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Discussion regarding driving patterns began. 

Charlie and Kelli will be here the week of July 15 to provide training on Core Knowledge.



Vacancies: Interviewing for three Paraprofessionals beginning the week of July 1st.

There is currently one part-time position (2 days/week) to meet the already hired part-time position (3days/week) for Related Arts.

Position available for an Administrative Assistance.

Security Infrastructure Grant: Received $25,000 for security. Upgrading security in the church including cameras in the modular units, along with entry alarms

Modular Units: Awaiting permits for electrical, water, and sewage.

Construction and Repairs: Taking two walls down in the church to accommodate student growth. Carpet repairs will be done. The school will replace the carpet and the chairs in the multipurpose room on the main floor. Looking at changing the doors in the nursery and K5 class.

BPA Mascot: Unveiling of the mascot will take place during the professional development day on August 15th.

Afterschool Care:

Student Loan Forgiveness: The state department does not acknowledge the loan forgiveness program.

Important Dates: Dates for conferences and professional development.


Executive Session

Motion to move into Executive Session made by Magon Wilson; Donelle Millwood 2nd. Motion carries.

Megan Patterson hired as the second K5 teacher. Motion to approve Mrs. Patterson’s hire by James Galyean; Donelle Millwood 2nd. Motion carries.

Motion to move out of Executive Session by Chris Cauley; James Galyean 2nd. Motion carries. 


Miscellaneous from the Board

Second Monday of each month will be the regular BPA Board meeting for the 2019-2020 academic year. 


Next Meeting

July 15th at 6:00 p.m.



Motion by Donelle Millwood to adjourn at 7:56 p.m.; Angie King 2nd. Meeting adjourned.