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November 19, 2018

Belton Preparatory Academy Board Minutes


Approval of Agenda- Motion by Angie King; Second by Donelle Millwood

Approval of Minutes- Motion by Donelle Millwood; Second by Magon Wilson

Public Comment- No public comments

September financials- Briefed by Deirdre McCullough- Motion by Jordan Denmark; Second by Donelle Millwood

P&I Year 1 Budget Update- Briefed by Deirdre McCullough

Board Appointed Nominees- Board moved to discuss at December board meeting

Student/Parent Handbook (Approval)- Changes noted in handbook; Handbook approved with amendment to dress code; Motion by Donelle Millwood; Second by Angie King

Nut-Free Policy Update- No update at this time. Will continue discussion at December board meeting

Calendar of Events (Handbook)- No discussion

Miscellaneous from the Board- No discussion

Meeting adjourned at 1932. Motion to adjourn made by Donelle Millwood; Second by Magon Wilson.