First Grade

Key Points

English Language Arts

Our English Language Arts (ELA) is rooted in the Science of Reading. This provides an in depth study of phonological and phonemic awareness. Our curriculum is integrated and carefully sequenced to prepare students for the present and the future. Through our comprehensive units, we use a content-rich vocabulary as well as thought provoking read alouds and discussions to build background knowledge and foster the will to learn. We complete culminating activities that provide tactile experiences through STEM and encourage natural creativity. Differentiated instruction is provided by scaffolding the curriculum for students and providing phonetic skills based instruction to meet the learning needs of our scholars.


Our Mathematics instruction is strategically planned to build a comprehensive understanding of mathematics as our scholars grow. We use a combination of daily practice, digital learning platforms, and differentiated instruction in each of our classrooms to provide our scholars the opportunity to master the mathematical processes instead of simply finding a product.