Second Grade

Key Points

English Language Arts

In English Language Arts (ELA), the curriculum is utilized for teaching decoding skills essential for independent reading. Reading, writing, and grammar are addressed in the context of content. The CKLA Knowledge curriculum aids in building background knowledge and vocabulary crucial for listening and reading comprehension. Our comprehensive read-alouds cover a range of topics, including Fairy Tales and Tall Tales, Early Asian Civilizations, The Ancient Greek Civilization, Greek Myths, The War of 1812, Cycles in Nature, Westward Expansion, Insects, The U.S. Civil War, The Human Body, Immigration, and Fighting for a Cause.


For mathematics, the Eureka Math Curriculum is employed to teach South Carolina’s math standards for 2nd grade. To enhance comprehension of abstract concepts, we use a variety of concrete materials, including base ten blocks, place value disks, play money, rulers, centimeter cubes, and unifix cubes. In catering to diverse learning styles, math songs, raps, and trade books are incorporated into our instructional approach.