The mission of BPA is to prepare its students to compete with integrity at the highest levels of academics using nationally recognized Eureka Math and Core Knowledge Classical Curriculum. We are the first classical public school in South Carolina. BPA will produce students who excel in academics and physical fitness with a firm grounding in free market economic theory and entrepreneurship.

BPA establishes a strong base of knowledge from which students may expand and practically apply their knowledge at the secondary level. We emphasize the development of leadership qualities and learning behaviors such as taking positive risks, viewing errors as opportunities, recovering from mistakes, exchanging feedback, collaboration, planning with a purpose, and tracking personal progress.

At BPA, we establish well-defined partnerships with parents to ensure there is frequent and open communication about the curriculum and individualized instruction at the school. Each student establishes an academic goal with parents and teachers and receives the support they need to make or exceed that goal. Developing academically sound students who demonstrate virtue, character, and integrity as they compete in a global society is our ultimate hope for all the children at BPA.

Free public charter school

5901 Belton Highway in Belton, SC

Campus of Second Baptist Church

Students don't have to reside in District #2

SC residents may attend BPA at no cost

Sponsored by Erskine, a state-wide authorizer

Launched in 2018 with K5-2nd grades

A new grade level will be added each year