Belton Preparatory Academy has the feel of a private school… but it’s not!

There is absolutely no tuition cost for your children to attend this school. But, while your family will not be strapped with additional education costs, your children will have access to a unique education style. That is because BPA is a publicly funded charter school.

So, how is BPA similar to a traditional public school?

  • It is tuition-free. Though the school looks similar to a private school, elementary-age children can attend the school for free.
  • It is a public school. Charter schools are part of and funded by the South Carolina public school system.
  • It follows state testing standards. Though BPA is autonomous in choosing a curriculum, students still must take standardized tests. And, the school can still be evaluated based on the scores. (Click here for info on BPA’s latest scores.)
  • There are no special admissions requirements. By law, charter schools in South Carolina are open to all children. There are no special requirements to attend.

How is BPA different from a traditional public school?

  • BPA uses a different curriculum. Charter schools usually have a specific focus. BPA uses a classical curriculum and emphasizes entrepreneurship. (Find out more about classical education at this link.)
  • There is a different school culture. BPA has a specific code of conduct and style of education that is unique to other schools in the area. They call it, “The BPA Way”.
  • Students are not limited to a specific district. Students do not have to live in the Anderson School District #2 to enroll. If more students apply than there are available seats, admission is determined by a lottery.

If you are interested in enrolling your children at Belton Preparatory Academy, it is not too late! Applications will be accepted until February 1, 2022. Click here for admissions information.