Belton Preparatory Academy is proud to announce some outstanding achievements! In a special ceremony on February 10, 2022, BPA was recognized as a Diamond School of Excellence by the Charter Institute at Erskine. The Diamond award is the highest award the institute gives. In addition to this, the school was recognized in a special resolution by the the South Carolina House of Representatives.

BPA has some shining test scores and other achievements, despite the challenges this school faces. The students scored in the top one percent in the state of South Carolina for math and top two percent in the state for English. These numbers are based on standardized tests for the 4th and 5th grade students. BPA is considered a Title I school, which means they qualify for additional federal funding based on the number of students who are considered low-income. Despite these challenges, BPA scored 6th overall in the state, out of 666 elementary schools, and first out of all Title I schools in the state!

Superintendent of the Charter Institute of Erskine, Cameron Runyan, said “Belton Preparatory Academy is an example of what can be accomplished when a school commits itself to the goal of academic excellence and refuses to waiver in that commitment even in the face of great challenges.”*

Individual students were also honored at the ceremony for their academic achievements. One beaming father said, “We are very pleased with the environment and education our daughter is getting!”

BPA is a tuition-free charter school for elementary age kids in South Carolina. The unique curriculum is called classical education, which uses the Humanities to teach history, grammar, literature, math and science. This school also has an entrepreneurship component that challenges kids to be creative, take positive risks, collaborate and recover from mistakes.

For more information about BPA, check out this page on our website.

*Quotes sourced from Belton News-Chronicle, Wednesday Feb. 16, 2022 edition, Article by Deb Tucker.